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The 'Cravnic' sorting machine is the simplest and most effective system of removing worm-eaten or damaged product from a crop. The entire operation is smooth running, continuous and fully automatic. Most types of peas, beans and other pulses can be sorted by the 'Cravnic' needle sorting machine.

The machine consists of a revolving cylinder inclined slightly so that the feed end is higher than the delivery end. When the product is fed into the cylinder it moves slowly by gravity along the base towards the delivery end.

The inside of the cylinder is lined with more than 23,500 fine needles. As the cylinder turns, the needles sweep through the product. Any product with weevil holes or cracks are caught by the needles and taken to the top of the cylinder where they are brushed off into a separate collecting trough. When used for pistachio nuts the machine reverses this process and only the open 'good' nuts are caught by the needles. The 'Cravnic' also eliminates a high proportion of windowed product by piercing the thin week skin, yet leaving sound pulses completely whole and undamaged.

Performance of the 'Cravnic' is unique

The 'Cravnic' will run 24 hours a day without supervision. This enables it to handle peak season crops when quick continuous sorting is essential. There is little that can go wrong as all the revolving parts are set in ball races and rubber trunnion wheels reduce noise to a minimum.

The needles are exceptionally hard wearing. They stay sharp and effective for 2-3 years or more depending on the amount of use. A replacement set is easily fitted.

The brushes will seldom need replacing when correctly adjusted to just touch the cylinder side. Maintenance consists of greasing the bearings every 3 to 6 months and topping up the motor with oil. Running costs are very low as a 1 h.p. motor provides all the necessary power.

Specially Built-In Cleaning Screens

Another useful extra feature about the 'Cravnic' is that two sets of metal cleaning screens are built into the cylinder wall. They are perforated so that dust and foreign particles can sift through as the crop passes over them.

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